Let’s turn water into pure fun!

Technical expertise and inventiveness to create modern slides and water parks

40 years’ experience in serving amusement parks

Take on adventure with our custom-made water parks and water games! Des toboggans vertigineux, des piscines à vagues à couper le souffle : l’expérience de l’eau procurera des frissons inoubliables. Our company boasts a team of experts and over 40 years’ experience in the design and construction of innovative and safe water parks.
Each attraction will become special with eye-catching designs, state-of-the-art technology and attention to detail. We are ready to turn your amusement park into a unique aquatic experience, a magical place where families and friends can dive into happiness. Choose to transform your venue into an aquatic paradise where time can be spent in comfort and safety and with a full load of adrenaline. Our team of experienced professionals works passionately every day to create unique, safe and irresistible water parks for all ages that will provide a journey of limitless fun.

Discover our creations

Explore the magic of transformation and discover how our designs have carefully and innovatively turned ordinary terrain into breathtaking water paradises. Each project tells a story of fun and adventure.
Discover our creations and imagine your piece of land becoming the next must-experience water park!