The campground of the future: swimming pools, lagoons and fantasy-inspiring spray parks!

Absorbing experiences in water paradises

A camping experience unlike any other

We have turned our customers’ campsites into ideal destinations for anyone seeking water adventures and complete relaxation. The right combination of nature and innovation for days of pure enjoyment in the sun and cosy evenings beneath the stars.
Our pools are an invitation to complete relaxation and a cool refuge from the hot sun, our lagoons are tranquillity-inspiring, and our Spray Parks with water effects provide fun for the young and young-at-heart, sparking laughter and excitement in all. Whether you are a lone adventurer or a family seeking relaxation, every guest will find their own water paradise.

Discover our creations

From moments of relaxation to pure fun, here are the campgrounds that offer a perfect blend of the beauty of nature, the charm of camping and the joys of water. Real oases of aquatic fun, surrounded by the beauty of nature.