The inaugurations of summer 2023 by Tecnopiscine – Pt.1

Waterslides or entire aquatic areas: find out what works and projects we carried out this year.

During 2023, we completed several projects.

Our specialised technical staff carefully followed every stage of the entire project.

Our goal? Shaping everyone’s fun! Whether it is a single waterslide, a lagoon, a children’s area or an entire water park, we can always offer a wide range of tailor-made and customised products and services to satisfy every request.

Discover the latest work by Tecnopiscine, inaugurated in 2023!

Safari Park – Pombia (SO)

For the Safari Park in Pombia, we took care of the design and construction of the Safari Beach aquatic area. We installed a turnkey 1100 m2 Spray Park with an anti-trauma mat, and inside it, a 4-lane multitrack, a 90 cm and an 80 cm hydro tube, a toboggan, a waterslide, a wave and an area with games for children with spray guns, giraffe, hippo, elephant, water barrel with mini wave and a geyser made up of 14 units.

Acqua1village – Castano Primo (MI)

We designed and built the entire aquatic area for the Acqua1 village in Castano Primo (MI): from laying the concrete to installing the purification systems to creating the waterslides and the children’s area. Our team of professionals followed the entire project comprehensively with the utmost availability and professionalism.

Cinecittà World – Rome

Vortex and Boomerang are the two big novelties at Cinecittà World for 2023.

  • Vortex: take your inner tube, choose your adventure partner and get ready to climb the 12-meter-high tower. From there, you will go down a 120-meter-long slide, immersing yourself in an adventure full of indoor light effects and two enormous outdoor vortices.
  • Boomerang: Take your inner tube, speed up and down in an adrenaline boomerang. You will plummet down a 15-meter-high double slide.


But that’s not all: at Tecnopiscine, we are always at work, and the projects we completed in 2023 do not end here!

Our finished projects

Find out about our projects

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