The brand-new Boomerang has arrived at Aquafollie in Caorle!

An adrenaline-filled novelty by Tecnopiscine for summer 2022!

Aquafollie in Caorle welcomes the adrenaline-fueled Boomerang

After the exciting Vortex inaugurated in 2021, Aquafollie in Caorle welcomes the adrenaline-fueled Boomerang, produced and installed by Tecnopiscine International. This brand-new, recently completed and presented attraction is already driving everyone crazy! A rapid round trip slide, a real boomerang effect: you go down at high speed and then back up, almost to the starting point, to then reach the centre of the slide after swinging pendulum-like twice. All this on board a one- or two-seater inner tube. This new waterslide is made up of an imposing, steep 15-metre-high double wall for a guaranteed double-descent effect. The fibreglass material we built the structure with was customised by inserting the water park logo at the top of the waterslide.

Do you remember the Vortex we installed at Aquafollie last year?

Together with the new Boomerang, it is the tallest waterslide in the park, and with its 15 meters of height, it stands out, rising above all the other slides! Inside a 150-meter-long hydro tube, you speed through curves, water reflections and colours in a double vortex of fun. Our Vortex is also suitable for the little ones because the descent is made aboard a two-seater inner tube. The attraction we created for the park in Caorle focuses on light and dark shades of beige, and is characterised by a brown, 12-metre-high themed tower with a special thatched roof.

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