Fun and adrenaline at AcquaVerde in Cefalù!

Extraordinary emotions with the Tecnopiscine International waterslides.

A park suitable for adults and children

We dealt with a highly emotional project, which began in January 2017 and ended in June of the same year. In just 6 months, we changed the intended use of the two tennis courts in the aquapark by creating the “adrenaline zone”: a mix of adrenaline-pumping waterslides dedicated to the most fearless for breathtaking fun. Energy, thrills and speed were the keywords behind the entire work.

Extraordinary emotions with the Tecnopiscine International waterslides.

A vortex of pure fun, a breathtaking course that begins with a slide down in a hydrotube, continues inside an enormous funnel with a diameter of 5 meters and, after a second stretch of hydrotube, reaches another inclined funnel. Once the very fast swinging back and forth is over, the waterslide route continues and then ends in the swimming pool. All on board an inflatable inner tube.

A real path of a boomerang, on a one or two-seater inner tube. This water slide consists of an initial descent inside a hydrotube inclined at 45°, thanks to which a speed is reached that allows the inner tube to rise towards the highest point, and then allows it to come back down backwards through a section inclined at 60° and made up of a chute over 4 meters wide and characterised by humps and drops. Artificial volcanic rocks make the attraction even more fascinating.

Space Bowl
A funnel that tests your courage. Always on board an inner tube, alone or in twos, you can access it via a high-speed hydrotube. After dealing with the centrifugal force of the Space Bowl, one lap after another, the course continues through a special hole positioned towards the centre of the funnel and, and by means of a second hydrotube, ends with a dive into the pool.

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