Aquafan in Riccione inaugurates its new M280 water slide

Tecnopiscine International is responsible for the spectacular novelty at the famous acquapark

The Aquafan located on the green hills of Riccione

One of the best-known water parks in Italy and abroad, it has always been an ideal destination for families, but above all for young people, also owing to its events which attract audiences from all over Europe. Amidst water games suitable for all ages, green spaces, refreshment points and a disco area, fun is guaranteed.

The summer of 2021 saw the arrival of an absolute, one-of-its-kind novelty, designed to leave customers awestruck. This is the brand-new M280 water slide, designed to be many attractions in one.

After a design phase lasting 15 months, followed by another 21 months of work on site, for a total of 3 years, our M280 finally came to life, with a long-waited inauguration on 19 June 2021. A truly special project, which required commitment, time and dedication. From the first design steps to the actual implementation, we took care of really everything, across the board!

In its 280 metres of pure adrenaline, you can experience – at the same time and in one go – the thrills of different slides. Besides being exciting, the experience the visitor gets also guarantees unprecedented length. The new M280 is tackled on a 2- or 3-seater inner tube, and at the start, there is a long conveyor belt that rises to the height of a 7-storey building… and then goes down!

The M280 numbers speak for themselves:

The attraction has a length of 280 metres
Three people can get on one inner tube at a time
The height of the launch is 20 metres
The length of the conveyor belt is 60 metres
The experience lasts 280 seconds, the longest among the park’s attractions
The tube is 3 metres in diameter where there are also lighting effects
The diameter of the cone is 8 metres
The drop down is 18.5 metres long until you reach the sail that takes you back
Five main companies were employed to carry out the work (Tecnopiscine International, DPV Montaggi, Belletti&Baroni Costruzioni, Electric Line, Green Tech)
Thirty men at work during more than 20 months of construction
One costume-clad umarell (a man of retirement age who spends his time watching construction sites) controlled every aspect of its construction
The investment for the construction of the attraction was 2.5 million euros.

And above all: zero virtual reality, zero make-believe, zero special effects.

The departure of the course of the new M280, which also coincides with its arrival, consists of a special swimming pool called “rapid river”, inside of which there are inflatable inner tubes able to accommodate from two to four people. The 200cm inner tube is directed towards the conveyor belt, which takes the inner tubes to the point where the actual sliding begins. The main section of the attraction is a hydrotube with a diameter of 300 cm to which fantastic light effects were added in two sections; the first section of the slide leads to a funnel with a diameter of 8 metres and a length of 9 metres which, after swinging you back and forth, lets you continue your descent in the hydrotube. Finally, the last section of the water slide is an exciting fibreglass Inverter, where the inner tubes face a descent with an 18-metre drop in height until the inner tubes are projected at high speed onto the return run. The ride then ends with arrival in the final part of the Inverter, on the slow-moving river.

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