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For Italian tourism, 2023 promised to be a record year during which amusement parks (over 230 facilities including theme, water, wildlife and adventure parks) have been carving out an increasingly significant share thanks to their ability to provide fun and relaxation for all ages. From spray parks for the little ones to adrenaline-filled slides for youngsters and attractions for the whole family, everything is designed to guarantee unforgettable experiences.


What are the new challenges and opportunities for the next few years in the world of amusement parks? Theming certainly plays a key role in customer loyalty and involvement, surrounded by an increasingly immersive customer experience. The other relevant factors are safety, technological evolution and sustainability. Being able to guarantee maximum security and safety of guests, allowing them to live worry-free experiences, is the priority of Tecnopiscine International, which designs and produces every single component creating “turnkey” water parks in compliance with rigorous regulations, allowing for compliance with the safety standards established by the competent authorities and passing the relevant routine inspections. Technological evolution, capable of providing increasingly high-performance materials and technologies, goes hand in hand with attention to and respect for the environment which means structures that are ever more efficient from an energy point of view and careful about water consumption and waste.


Our technical office assists the customer in all phases, creating 3D renderings of the project starting from a simple plan of the land or existing structure, thus giving shape to the fun. Seeing is believing! All that remains is to indulge in the emotions on our waterslides, made with open and closed sections, such as the Hydro tube, the Vortex, the Kamikaze or the dark Black Cannon.

Want to see some examples of slides, games and water attractions that we have created for one of our very important clients?

Read the interview with Marco and Franco Carrisi of Carrisiland, the largest water park in Southern Italy, made up of 7 mega swimming pools and Caribbean lagoons (approximately 25,000 m2 of bodies of water), with over 3 km of waterslides and many aquatic attractions produced and installed entirely by us!


In addition to being the largest water park in Southern Italy, you have been five-time winners of the “Parksmania Awards” (as Special Jury Award twice, as Water Park of the Year 2018 and as Best Staff in Italy for two consecutive years, 2021 and 2022). What makes your water park so unique?

“The lagoon with waves (the largest in Italy) is unique, with its Caribbean waterfall where the Pirate Galleon reigns, the entire water park’s point of reference for living a Caribbean dream with a pirate atmosphere. Thousands of people flock to the park every year, and it is considered a special park as it meets all the needs of the family but, above all, because, over the years, it has managed to win over its visitors by creating a truly harmonious relationship, making them feel at ease by offering a variety of comforts. “


Your park has a Caribbean theme with a pirate atmosphere in all three “Isles” (Isla Encantada, Isla Dorada and Isla Natascia): How did you come to choose this particular theme?

“The owners wanted the Caribbean theming for our park to distinguish it right from the start from being like the trivial, obvious and now outdated old water parks of the 1980s. We wanted to create themed settings by reconstructing true paradisiacal corners of the Caribbean to allow Carrisiland guests to spend days immersed in a magical, fun atmosphere.”


What new projects await your park in the future?
“For the future, the Carrisiland group is planning a variety of interventions for the construction and expansion of the park with the inclusion of new thematic areas characterised by latest generation water entertainment structures, created by Tecnopiscine, in order to provide our guests with improved, ever higher quality entertainment, to ride the long wave of success in the amusement sector”.


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