Play Slides: “Customization is the Name of the Game”

When we talk about water games for children, we cannot help but think of Tecnopiscine’s colourful Play Slides: true oases of fun and emotions designed to entertain the little ones.

Installable inside villages, resorts, water parks and sports centres, the Play Slides are modular attractions with different models of slides in several different colours. The attraction is assembled on an entirely stainless-steel structure (supporting posts included) and is additionally embellished with bridges, flowers, roofs, fish and palm trees in extremely bright and lively colours. The entire game does not require large quantities of water to power it, thus allowing for significant savings in electricity.

The extra touch? The possibility of adding a delightful “water barrel” to the structure.

Our Play Slides are tailor-made and allow for multiple customization possibilities, both in terms of themes and settings and the type of slides and games to be installed. Tecnopiscine International is the only Italian company able to offer a wide range of customizable and themed products specifically designed for the enjoyment of children, even the youngest, in total safety!